What do you mean by light project plan?

Chances are by the time you’ve gotten in touch with me, you’ve known you wanted to start or fix up your site for a very long time. As familiar as I am with the process, it’s important we are both aligned with the vision, the plan and the goals. The value of a project plan is a bit like having a map handy. The place we want to get to won’t change, but the route we take may vary a little as we go along, barring significant late changes. So I use a light project plan that has goals and suggested deadlines. The project plan includes everything it will take to get to our destination of launching your site, but allows for changes when needed. After our Strategy meeting when you approve the project plan it is our map. It’s important to note that I understand you might find out you’ve forgotten something important you want included once we get underway. Those types of scenarios can change our time frames.

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