Funding is tough for us, but we want to build a site, what are our options?

Here’s where It’s Grave is unique. Funding will not get in the way of building your website. I take on a few clients at a time so I can give them exceptional service. Funding is a constant issue for lots of companies, so I have taken that out of the equation. You can find details on the How It Works page but in a nutshell: websites are time consuming and costly to launch. Of course you can build one free, and maybe you’ve been spending time doing that. Having someone collaborate with you saves you tons in time and headaches. That’s why I use Patreon.

Because of the approach I use, the expectation is that you, your community, your supporters, will help fund your website project. A unique part of my approach is, during our Strategy meeting we will outline how you can introduce your site to your supporters and community to help gain interest in your site project, and funding for your project will grow alongside other organizations who have community support funding their site projects. Patrons get perks, and updates on progress so they stay invested in your project.


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