Funding is tough for us, but we need help wit our site, what are our options?

Here’s where It’s Grave is unique. Funding will not get in the way of our working together. I take on a committed clients so I can give them exceptional service. Funding is a constant issue for lots of companies, in a nutshell: website redesigns are time consuming and costly to launch. Of course you can switch to a free website platform, and maybe you’ve been spending time doing that. Or leave your outdated site as is which could keep people who need you from contacting you. Having someone collaborate with you saves you tons in time and headaches.

Because of the approach I use, the expectation is that you, your community, your supporters, have the option help fund your website project. A unique part of my approach is, during our initial meeting we’ll outline how you can introduce your site redesign to your supporters and community to help gain interest in your site project, funding for your project can grow while your project is underway. Contact me and we’ll talk about your options.


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