Self loathing. Narcissism. America. The patriot’s reflection.

This country you say you love?
You have to hold it accountable.
It was and is still being built on death.
It was and is still being built by people who kill, rule, own, cage, other people.
It was and is still being built by people who will protect their building of it with your ruin.
It was never great. May never be.

It’s why old men who are not coming along with understanding
do not deserve the microphone.
Or a seat on the stage.

It’s why entitled little boys grow into ignorant, vile men.
who become front runners.
who become judges with impunity.
who don a belt and badge to murder.
who warp their perversion into someone else’s fault.
who paint women insane when they expect to stand toe to toe.
who drag her off a bed and strangle her while raising the next sons who learn to believe it’s what she deserved.
who build cathedrals that grow predators of the poor, build embassies, build towers – where dust, embers, and bloodstained evidence hide in stones and marble.
who stifle every uprising, through every vile means, intended to dismantle the reflection.
who are excused because … men who see themselves excuse men like themselves.