I once had a manager who took every opportunity to point out to me (maybe she thought I had no idea) I’m fat, unfit, and in her opinion – unhealthy.
She was super slim, very tall, and it was very clear her team’s “look” meant a lot to her since she commented about it often.
This of course chipped away at my esteem and bolstered my already fully grown self loathing and doubt.
On one project, team walked together down a gorgeous street in Germany.
I, the largest of the human women among us.
All was spirited until the billboard.
It peered down, calling her.
She turned around, pointed me out, then pointed directly to the billboard where the fit couple beckoned me (had to be only me right?) to join their fitness program.
All you have to do is apply yourself, you can do it (she really said something like that out loud, in front of the other eight people walking together).
No comment to the three socially acceptably obese men on the team.