Things look Grave right now. Maybe your website has gotten left behind while your organization has been on the front lines doing good work. Maybe you have eLearning, training or presentations that would reach more people with audio. Maybe the book you launched is ready for its audio debut.

You know it’s time but you haven’t had that illusive time to focus on the site, the training or the audio book. Let’s fix that so you can best meet the needs of your community.

    Website Project Management For Women Focused Organizations

    I prioritize Women focused organizations which include for profit, not for profit, artists, cooperatives, activists and organizations that work toward the lifting up of women’s rights, obliteration of domestic violence, intersectional advocacy, reproductive rights, and more. If your work is not listed, contact me, since you’re here, I’m guessing you have a similar mission.

    You’re busy. (That’s an understatement.) My process for website project management includes a start to finish strategy that takes into account the reality that an organization like yours and the people in it, wear too many hats already.

    If you’re ready now, contact me and let’s talk about your needs for either a new website or updating the site you have now to bring it back to life.

    Persistent Care For Your Website

    Because you’re busy. Your staff is busy. A website is a living entity in many ways. And for many organizations, it can be the thing you’re always “getting to” – when in reality it’s getting left behind. I’m here (and a team of others as needed) to help take that pressure off of you and give you your time back.

    You have events, staff updates, a blog, maybe a podcast, social media…and all of that needs professional care and feeding.

    You may not need a full site or a site redesign – but if you have a website, you need website maintenance.

    Contact me and let’s talk about giving your site the care it deserves.

    Digital Asset Management

    How many times have you spent way too much time looking for a file, or hunting down an asset for your site (or anywhere online for that matter)? There’s a much better way to keep track of every kind of asset you have. From images, documents, presentations, and products: Digital Asset Management is a way to organize and have everything at your fingertips, no matter where you keep them.

    Contact me and let’s talk about getting your assets covered.

    Professional voice work

    You’ve been delivering trainings or presentations to your community for a while. The book you launched has done well, and you’re ready for a re-issue in audio format. I perform voice work and have a network of a wide variety of voice talent to help bring your training or publication to a new, accessible level. Contact me to talk about your needs.

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