I read Jessica Valenti’s article “How Very Bad Men Get Away With Rape” and her point that it takes a village to let or help the few men who do rape skate by over and over was spot on. And infuriating. Women in America are mandated to wear the shame and guilt of being abused. It happens rampantly on social media, clearly it’s a model in government; many of us have experienced it at work and it’s perpetuated in our own families when misogyny is passed on or internalized. This expectation we behave by wearing the guilt

Image Chuck Schumer

I’ve read enough of the posts from people telling us to ignore the fact that Chuck Schumer caved on the now infamous fast track of 7 judges last week. Life time appointments. And we’re all going to get the privilege of another back stabbing when Chuck helps this administration get 8 more judges fast tracked as this new week opens. I mean hell, if he were a woman you’d be hearing from every outlet about this bullshit. Amanda Marcotte, I love you.

Schumer caved. We

Image Abuse Of Power Comes As No Surprise

We see this at work in courts, in entertainment, the catholic church, silicon valley, in homes, offices…on and on.

In 2018 America women are not only defending ourselves individually against predators, we’re fighting for the men and anyone else who say they’re our advocates, to take action and hold predators accountable.

The problem we have is a cultural one where somehow it’s fine to re gift a sexual predator his career while making no effort to change the systems that welcome these men to offices

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