The #pope and the #catholic #church devoted four days in February of 2019 to address the decades long problem of #priests sexually abusing children. It had to be a pretty packed four days to cover such deeply hidden criminally negligent “known unknowns”. That conference – and it’s hard to use the word conference for a criminal cover up, but hey, the pope gets to name his ass covering whatever he wants to name it – was publicly intended to mend wounds and “hear the cry of the little ones asking for justice.” As I learn more about the corrupt catholic

Self loathing. Narcissism. America. The patriot’s reflection. This country you say you love? You have to hold it accountable. It was and is still being built on death. It was and is still being built by people who kill, rule, own, cage, other people. It was and is still being built by people who will protect their building of it with your ruin. It was never great. May never be. It’s why old men who are not coming along with understanding do not deserve the microphone. Or a seat on the stage. It’s why entitled little boys grow into ignorant,

Dan Savage called it a slow moving pbs special-like show. Nah Dan, the sex you’re looking for will probably have to be interpreted; the tempo is there from moment one. Gentleman Jack is Sally Wainwright’s absolute passion project borne out of her discovery of and deciphering portions of Lister’s journals which include Lister’s detailed descriptions of her sexual encounters. This review covers episode one. Gentleman Jack’s first episode is very good. It’s immediate dive into Lister’s take them by the short hairs persona is no small part of what’s so great about Sally Wainwright’s show. Her clothes,

I follow a lot of women who write about pain, trauma, shame, depression, suicide, addiction. These things are important to me to learn about, read about, work through in my own life. These writers and a great therapist help me understand my family of origin’s behaviors and traumas – spoken and unspoken. My toxic family is a topic I’ve been thrust into facing and dealing with recently. What I’ve noticed is, very few who write about these things, write about them while going through them. We get the happy after effect of how they got through something. And that makes

I had a lengthy employment slump. At the end of 2014, the oil company I consulted for cut the team I built and put in place to implement training and technical writing for their worldwide operations. Between that and a physical injury I had not taken care of after a car accident, I fell into a depression that took several years to even start to come out of. Depression is a fucking nightmare. Depression combined with chronic pain locked me in a state of emotional paralysis and killed my motivation. During those years, I freelanced, took on pro bono work and

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