The It’s Grave Podcast coming in 2019. You’ll hear women’s stories, interviews, reviews. Everything around the immense space that encompasses women’s rights. Each episode is focused on women’s issues: culturally, politically, socially. It’s Grave, so let’s fix it. We’re in a pretty chaotic time in America. The It’s Grave Podcast will bring you twice a month episodes introducing you to women you may have not come across yet but you’ll love getting to know. You’ll have the chance to give your advice to listeners who send in questions, we all can use a shoulder to lean on, so let’s help one another out with words of advice. At the end of each episode I’ll read at least one question and share responses on the following episode. I’m on Patreon and would love your support. Patron donations help fund website projects and the Podcast. It’s Grave Patreon   |   Listen To The Podcast

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