Let’s Work Together

Websites For Women Focused Organizations

Here’s What Our Work Together Entails:


We meet in person or by phone to outline your short (6 month) and long (2 year) term goals. This includes:

Defining the purpose of your site – Who is your audience? What are they looking for? How do you want them to engage with your organization and how do you intend to respond and engage with them? What about social, logo, email/newsletter, SEO, donation options? We’ll talk about it all.

Defining your site purpose helps you focus on “speaking” to the person you most want to visit your site and increases your chances of having the best possible return on the time you’ll put into our work together building your site. 6 month goals might look like building your best version of your vision. 2 year goals include fine tuning your vision as you begin to interact with your audiences. We’ll talk about the date you want to plan to have your website go live or be reintroduced to the world. This includes a site audit if you have an old site we’re bringing back to life.

Visual selection – Once your strategy begins taking shape, you’ll have a good idea of what you want your site to look like, and so will I. You’ll be presented with three options of what we call look and feel. This will give you the chance to see what your site will potentially look like. *I build with WordPress for many reasons but the two most beneficial reasons are that you will be able to maintain every spot in your site without me when we’re done working together and WordPress is very stable and reliable.

Project plan – If you’ve ever been involved in a project plan this paragraph might make your head hurt. It’s fairly painless with our work together. At the end of the strategy stage and after you’ve selected your website look, I’ll send you a light project plan. The plan will give you estimated timelines. Estimated often strikes fear in the heart of clients. Once you know how it How It Works, you understand estimating is a way for both of us to manage our expectations. We’re both busy. I take on only a few clients at a time. When a client falls behind, and it happens, I’m flexible, but it does not compromise the quality that anyone else gets. Communication will be our best tool.

Price. See How It Works.


Once we’re all on the same page, the website build begins. You’ll get updates at least each week, by phone. You’ll have private access to your site build so you can hop in and look at the progress. Keep in mind, it will be a lot like a construction site for a while with things laying around that won’t be in the final build at launch time.

Migrate Content If Needed

If you have an old site we’re bringing back to life, you have a lot of content you may want brought into the new site. I’ll have an audit from our strategy step and we’ll discuss what you want brought over to the new site, what needs to be improved and what can be scrapped.


Once your site is live, you have the option to stay on as a support client. You can see those options on the Contact-Support page. Support options include back end, content or prepaid choices. Using a support option is good if you prefer not to handle them yourself after your site has launched. Visit Contact-Support for details.

Questions? Contact me or see FAQs.


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