Intimate partner violence is so common, it’s considered the singe greatest cause of injury to women (re Domestic Violence Intervention Program). We don’t see it in the news except at hot point moments like the recent SCOTUS dumpster fire.
It can take multiple tries for someone experiencing ipv to leave for good.

That might sound surprising. A person who experiences ipv lives with familiarity and fear, and likely cptsd, especially if they’re in a long relationship. Once they come to believe they could leave, they weigh everything: kids, finances, housing, internal trauma, who to tell. That’s for someone in a hereto relationship.

Domestic violence in queer relationships in this fucked up homophobic culture add more risk to reporting and leaving, like assumptions and expectations being made about the people, accounts being misunderstood, ignored, or completely dropping cases.

Domestic & intimate partner violence in same, hetero, and poly identified relationships are subjected to the same patriarchal systemic beliefs and messages about masculinity & femininity.

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