How It Works

It’s Grave is my activism. By building websites for organizations that focus on women’s rights, ending domestic violence, intersectional advocacy, reproductive rights, women’s health rights, and birthing, I can support you in making the changes you want to make in the world. This is my small, but impactful part of activism (if your work’s focus is not listed, connect with me, since you’re here, you’re probably in the right place).

You or an organization you love is ready for a website, here’s how to pay for it:

Funding is made using Patreon. All projects have funding goals associated with them.

The Expectation

Because of the approach I use, the expectation is that you, your community, your supporters, will help fund your website project. A unique part of my approach is, during our Strategy meeting we’ll discuss how you can introduce your site to your supporters and community to help gain interest in your site project, and funding for your project will grow alongside other organizations who have community support funding their site projects. Patrons get perks, and updates on progress so they stay invested in your project.

Websites are labor intensive to build and launch. Building a website can cost anywhere from two thousand dollars, to well above ten thousand dollars. Or, you can find and use the extraordinary, free tools available to anyone who wants to build an online presence. If you’ve been putting off fixing or getting your website built, or it’s taking more time than you thought it would – we should work together. Having someone collaborate with you who knows the tools will save you a lot of time. Funding your web project (or a project for an organization you love and support) is very simple, here’s how it works:

Become a Patron of It’s Grave

Choose from 3 of my 4 available tiers (Activist, Concierge, Patron Saint) on Patreon to get started. When you or anyone who supports your organization signs up for Activist, Concierge or Patron Saint tier, your project will be green lighted to start and we will schedule your Strategy meeting.

How Patronage helps more than the organization you love

It’s Grave will make a donation twice a year to one of the following organizations:

The Essie Justice Group | My Sisters Place | National Coalition Against Domestic Violence | MeToo | ACLU | RAICES

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