October was domestic violence awareness month. Remember way back in October? Seems like a few lifetimes ago.

It’s been a challenging couple of years for any of us who have experienced domestic abuse. The election. The constant fire hose of soul cutting abuse from the long eroded offices we supposedly chose in any given race. Dr. Ford was the strength so many of us continue to work hard to find. She, like Dr. Hill, stood for us. The SCOTUS outcome was what many of us expected and all of us will be impacted for decades by one more misogynistic sexual predator who expected he was entitled to every body he assaulted. The Supreme Court will become a front for the agenda at hand, attack on women’s rights at every level. That agenda’s intent is to remove women’s rights like they’re being removed at the state level now. Finding good is a challenge.

This is a series of posts I originally put on Instagram during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

You can find my whole series on Domestic Violence here.

October 1st 2018 was a good day personally. A milestone in physical, emotional, & mental progress. A glimpse of less depression, less pain and more good. After a year of physical therapy, I walked .79 of a mile in a beautiful 57 degrees. I listened to my stride crunch the gravel, it sounded almost even. Not the uneven step, hop of adapting to pain these past grueling years. I cried a bit. I relished the resulting pangs of healing in the morning with the soreness.

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