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Monthly maintenance includes updating every aspect of your site back end. That means plugins, security, testing, fix broken links. It does not include content or design changes.

Content update support includes monthly, or more frequent updates to any content on the site; event updates, staff updates, policy changes. It does not include social or blog posting or major changes/redesigns to the site.

How Support Works

A choice of one of the two support options is automatically offered to clients who have at least four Patreon subscribers at the Activist tier. Both support options will automatically be offered to clients with any number of Patrons at the Concierge or Patron Saint tiers. *Ongoing support is contingent on your organization’s supporters maintaining their Patronage. You’ll be notified and given a grace period should your patrons subscription change.

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I know what good support means to you. When you fill out this support request I’ll get back to you within 4 hours.

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