The #pope and the #catholic #church devoted four days in February of 2019 to address the decades long problem of #priests sexually abusing children. It had to be a pretty packed four days to cover such deeply hidden criminally negligent “known unknowns”. That conference – and it’s hard to use the word conference for a criminal cover up, but hey, the pope gets to name his ass covering whatever he wants to name it – was publicly intended to mend wounds and “hear the cry of the little ones asking for justice.” As I learn more about the corrupt catholic church, it’s like so many other corporations (y’know, people) who are exposed as criminal, make some small public gesture to mend fences, then dive back into doing business as normal BUT THIS TIME HIDE IT BETTER.

I started listening to the amazing podcast Family Secrets hosted by Dani Shapiro. Seriously it’s amazing, add it to your listening line up. If you deal with any level of family trauma or toxicity, it’s a great account of other people’s experiences. The February 14th episode titled “The Very Image” is about Jim Graham’s 25 year journey to prove that the priest Thomas Sullivan was his biological father. Jim’s mother kept the secret too and when you listen to the episode you’ll understand her secret was forced on her by the morally corrupt catholic church and its powerful legal resources. You’ll hear in the episode how many layers of corruption are put in place by the catholic church and the pope to hide the fact that priests are fathers because they’re human beings. Sex and the church don’t get along.

“There will be the victims of clerical child abuse. There will be nuns sexually assaulted by priests. And there will be children of priests…”

The catholic church has the vile audacity to call Jim and the thousands of other people fathered by priests, children of the ordained. The catholic church says it requests priests who become fathers to leave the priesthood. That’s a lie. They also say if the priest does not leave, they’ll be dismissed. Another lie. They imprison them in order to keep them quiet. They use their infinite wealth to bring lawsuits on the mothers so they’ll be financially ruined if they don’t sign away their parental rights. That the catholic church shepherds men in seminary who father children through accelerated ordination instead of releasing them to be fathers is reprehensible and destructive to all involved. The catholic church uses the persistently adhered to policies meant to shame people who are … human, into silence.

The catholic church is a criminally corrupt, negligent, perpetually destructive organization that chooses to selectively apply and excuse their sins to fit their own purposes and structures them to keep those sins hidden while they ruthlessly burden parishioners who commit the same sins with lives of shame. Lying. Betrayal. Broken commandments. Sabotage. Financial corruption.

Patricia Lockwood, catholic priest’s daughter
Jim Graham, catholic priest’s son
Sarah Thomas, catholic priest’s daughter
Vincent Doyle, catholic priest’s son
…thousands more known and unknown, there’s a wiki list for pete’s sake

“We hear the cry of the little ones asking for justice.” pope francis – that the catholic church infantilizes the thousands of adults who have spent decades being gaslighted by the pope is clear when he makes a statement like this. It’s not just the little ones. It’s the thousands of adults who have been made to suffer directly by the pope himself.

The case for shutting down the corrupt corporation called the catholic church:

That the catholic church continues to hide the truth from the children of priests
That there was one nun and one priest of the dozens Graham spoke to who were truthful
That the utter concept of christianity is abandoned to hide the reality that priests are human with human desires
That the catholic church from the top down lies about it
That the catholic church lied in Graham’s case they have no records of Sullivan being his father
That the catholic church, instead of releasing him, put Thomas Sullivan in a camp – rehabilitation camp – for what exactly?

Rodrigo Borgia, who became Pope Alexander VI fathered four children – where was his encampment? Of course. He became pope. The case of being promoted out of scandal into more power – something the catholic church has perfected for decades with pedophile priests. “A lot of the kids of priests around the world are in countries where the priest still has a great deal of authority and say over their spiritual lives. … So how difficult do you think it is in other places, other parts of the world, for people to come forward?”

That the catholic church spent so much resource hunting Helen O’Connell and Thomas Sullivan (who wanted to leave the order), captured Sullivan and tore Jim from his parents to place him in an unloving home (not that uncommon it turns out)
That the catholic church made Jim prove at his own expense that Thomas Sullivan was his father
That the catholic church has a policy in place for WHEN priests have children
That there are adults walking around in the world who don’t know the truth that a godfather, an uncle, a brother, a close family friend – a priest – is their biological father

That the catholic church – the pope – the thousands of culpable clergy – are willing to destroy families, the lives of children, women’s futures – is no surprise, it’s criminal.

That this powerful criminal organization has the will, the resources, the intent; to harm people by taking children from mothers, placing them in the homes of people who know who their fathers are and treat them reprehensibly because the children are seen as a crime, a sin, when the church itself is the criminal. The catholic church “guidelines” for men who happen to be priests and have children is under the suspicious “we’re protecting the children” lie, when in fact, they use it to shame. Shame the mothers. Shame the fathers. Shame the children. The catholic church holds people financial hostages with threats of loss of support should recipients ever identify these men.

No wonder so many families are thought to be broken. The catholic church is the biggest perpetrator of sexual abuse, parental destruction and purveyor of shame in the world.

It makes sense the catholic church is at the core of society’s moral indiscretions since the pope doesn’t seem to be able to keep his own house one of joy, faith, harmony, or genuine integrity.

“The child’s welfare is not put first at all, and neither is the mother’s.”

It’s long past time for the catholic church to atone for its own evil deeds and be shut down.