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I know how dire things look with the chaos we’re in as a country right now. I aim to take a little of that pressure off your organization. I prioritize Women focused organizations, and that includes for profit, not for profit, artists, cooperatives, and organizations that work toward the lifting up of women’s rights, obliteration of domestic violence, intersectional advocacy, reproductive rights, and more. If your work is not listed, contact me, since you’re here, I’m guessing you have a similar mission.

Services: The mission over here is to support Women focused organizations who have let their websites fall out of date, get them back to performing instead of lingering – with website project management, website maintenance, digital asset management and voice work to support your training, book sales, and presentations.

  1. Access to a great website should be available to every organization that would benefit from one. Also, this internet thing should serve all of us. Everyone.
  2. I believe in progressive values and work with clients who share those values. We won’t agree on every last thing, but we’ll be aligned, and that’s a beautiful relationship if there ever was one.
  3. I respond to you directly. This is a small shop. I bring on other people when needed for large projects. You and I are both busy, you have a right to expect prompt responses from me. You’ll get them.
Who Am I?

My name is Cindi, I was affectionately given the nickname Cid a long time ago by one of my favorite people in the world. It’s morphed into Syd, so you’ll see that as my name on the blog, podcast and medium most of the time. In person I go by Cindi.

I spent a great part of my career working for large corporations. As a single mom of three kids, I lived in Houston for many years. I was a technical consultant for 18 years. That concept of Maslow’s is alive and well and impacts so many of our lives. I’m also an example of the woman your organization might be helping but who might have fallen between the cracks. I married young, to an abusive man and stayed too long. After I divorced, I got my degree and started an uphill trek and built some excellent skills.

Lots of us are angry. We’re hurting. This is where productive anger lives and turns into action. It’s where I, and many women like me who fell between the cracks, get to work and change it. Susan Fowler captured in a recent interview, exactly how I feel and how my activism has taken shape: “What I keep going back to and what keeps me going, is trying to do good in whatever little spot of the world we can influence, no matter how small.”

I bring 18 years of building things like learning systems, websites, training portals, voice work and more, to your project. When I get the chance, I’m out in the woods, taking road trips and visiting people I love. Let’s get to work.

Let’s get started

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