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It’s Grave Podcast. Coming 2019. Stay tuned.

It’s Grave Podcast: Conversations, Interviews, Women’s Stories


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How’s Your Website Holding Up?

Chances are, you’re here because your organization is in need of a website (or a more functional one) to meet the needs of your community and the women who are feeling the pressure of the chaos going on in our country. You and your staff wear more hats than ever right now. My Mission is to take some of the challenge out of the equation for your organization. Chances are you were referred to me, but no matter how you got here, you’re in the right place.

Find out about how we can work together and how it all works.

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Be (Or Refer) A Guest On The Podcast

The It’s Grave Podcast will launch November, 2018. You’ll hear interviews, reviews, letters from listeners and women’s stories. I’d love to have you as a guest, or you can refer someone who people to hear about. It’s casual but can get hot sometimes. Conversations about every aspect of women’s rights with women who are in front of all of this.

Let your community and beyond, hear about your work.

Find out how.

Be A Guest On The Pod

Productive Anger

Many of us are angry. That’s good. Let’s use our anger alone and collectively to build the things we want to see in this country. My focus is helping women’s organizations improve their web presences.

My blog – Rants; is exactly that. No holds barred.

There will be foul language. It’s long past time for women to have every right, privilege and expectation of equity.

No apologies.


Bringing 17 years of skill to your web presence.

Websites & Site Care For Women Focused Organizations

Things look Grave right now. Maybe your website has gotten left behind while your organization has been on the front lines doing good work. Maybe trying to keep it up to date is just not possible with your hectic schedule. You know it’s time but you haven’t had the money or the staff to update your site. Let’s fix that.

Website Care Plans

From routine updates and back end tune ups to social, event, staff or other updates: It’s Grave Website Care plans give you the comfort of knowing everything is always ready for your community at the right time. Take back your time, energy with a website care plan.

Website Audit

Maybe you’re not ready to take on a website project right now. We can meet and talk about your goals for the near future. After our call I’ll do an audit of your current site if you have one and give you an idea of what can be done to help you meet your goals.

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